Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weaving part 1 - finished!

I finished the first part of the weaving, which should make 4 good sized ribbons for the Legacy of Lions medallions. I ran into a few more snags where the pattern changed unexpectedly (talking to people and taking it to A&S day were the culprits) - but it's not noticeable unless you know what to look for.

Next up is to get out the silk and warp up the next batch. I think I'm going to increase the length just a bit - the loom can do more, and that way the next 4 will be just a bit longer. I have plenty of silk, I just need to unravel it. Getting everything ready and warped is the goal for Tuesday, which is my last day off this week. Luckily - I'll have 2 mornings free this week, while the kids are gone to do more weaving, which should help.

Once I have this last batch warped and underway - time to get back to planning/doing other projects.

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