Friday, July 20, 2012

Update on projects - Fish and Loaves, T-minus 1 week

So - I've finished all my projects for Steppes Artisan to this point.

Things completed:
Brocaded fish
Fish Mammen silk
Fish Mammen linen/wool
Fish Mammen linen
Added cork and lead to the fishing net
Made netting 'sampler'

Things to do before Saturday morning:
Grind a bit more spelt for the bread and display
Make bread (Friday night or Saturday morning in the hotel - nice and fresh!)
Bottle garum (done every day)
Pack garum (5 gallon bucket, in garbage bag to prevent failure)
Make net supports

Today we're going to go out in the coracle and try floating the net to see how it works in the water with floats and weights - should be interesting.

And now - some of my brocade pieces :) I'd love commentary on the little fish - I think the pieces really show how my brocading has evolved.
A Rainbow of Fish

Look - goldfish!

Dr. Seussian fish :)