Thursday, September 1, 2011

Current list of books from ILL

So our ILL system limits us to 10 active items: books checked out, as well as requests and books 'in transit' back to the library.

My current list of books:
Roman West Country: Classical culture and Celtic Society
Studies in Ancient Technologies
England and the Salt trade in the Later Middle Ages
Garum and Salsamenta: production and commerce in materia medica

I also have one book coming BACK to me, since I managed to return it instead of the book I was intending - it's The bread builders : hearth loaves and masonry ovens, which was recommended by Mistress Alix.

Now hopefully I can find the time to read these before they have to be returned. I need to pull out my Salt bibliography, and see which I can mark off as 'been there, done that' - as expected, many of the books don't list much in particular about salt (dates, references, etc.) but rather 'Salt was used to preserve food' - in many incarnations, times, places, etc.

So if the headache will go away, I'll try reading for a bit, and then weaving. Or ... curl up in a ball and sleep until morning.

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